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Disputing HOA and Condo Rules Violations

In recent years, property owners’ associations in Virginia (commonly called “homeowners’ associations” or “HOAs”) and condominium associations have come to wield significant powers to adopt rules, enforce them, and even …

  • Posted on: Jul 6 2020
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Woman contemplating separation from her husband

Documenting Your Separation

The date upon which you and your spouse separate and cease living together as a married couple can have significant implications in your divorce. The date of separation affects when …

  • Posted on: Jul 2 2020
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Calculating Child Support in Virginia

Each state has its own processes, usually a formula, for calculating child support. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, this formula is governed by Virginia Code § 20-108.2. The most important …

  • Posted on: Jun 11 2020
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Rear-end car accident with blue and black car.

Tips to Prevent Being Rear-Ended

Generally speaking, when a rear-end collision occurs the rear-driver is presumed to be at fault unless there is evidence to demonstrate otherwise. But even if you are the front car …

  • Posted on: Jun 10 2020
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