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New 2020 Laws in Virginia Domestic Relations

Here in Virginia, we have a part-time legislature that meets to consider and pass laws, typically, for just one thirty-to-sixty-day session per year. Part of our job as attorneys is …

  • Posted on: May 8 2020
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A pedestrian about to be hit by an Uber driver.

What Happens if an Uber Driver Hits a Pedestrian?

Unfortunately, sometimes Uber drivers – like all other drivers – act negligently and hit a pedestrian. When a pedestrian is legally crossing an intersection or street, or simply standing on …

  • Posted on: Apr 30 2020
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Why do I need an expungement?

Many people see criminal charges against them dismissed or are acquitted, but then take no action to have the charge removed thinking that it will not affect them.  Making this …

  • Posted on: Apr 29 2020
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Premarital Agreements

Many of us get married in a happy cloud of romance without knowledge of or thought about numerous economic consequences of marriage imposed by law. Premarital agreements serve a useful …

  • Posted on: Apr 22 2020
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Solar Farm Leasing

The conditions are right for the addition of renewable energy generation capacity to the Virginia landscape.  This is particularly true for photovoltaic electricity generation, on a medium to large scale, …

  • Posted on: Apr 21 2020
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Developer fixing a technology accident.

Insurance Coverage for a Technology Accident

In response to the social distancing introduced to combat the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies.  Some of the biggest challenges for businesses include their …

  • Posted on: Apr 10 2020
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