Premarital Agreements

Many of us get married in a happy cloud of romance without knowledge of or thought about numerous economic consequences of marriage imposed by law. Premarital agreements serve a useful purpose because they make us think beyond our happy plans to the economic realities of marriage.

The process of crafting a premarital agreement requires the disclosure of each party’s assets, income, liabilities and other economic responsibilities.  The process creates an opportunity to look ahead at the reasonable expectations of sharing economic lives.  For example, it obliges a marrying couple to consider whether the addition of children to their lives will have a bigger impact on their career path of one of the parties. Or, if one or both of the parties has children from prior relationships, how will this affect their estate planning.  Or, if the couple has significant education debts owed by one but not the other, how will the repayment of those debts over the course of time affect the marital estate.  Or if one party expects a significant inheritance how will that affect the marriage.

So premarital agreements help the couple focus on their economic expectations which are often not the focus in the midst of romance. And premarital agreements can make a relationship stronger by removing unspoken anxieties about numerous issues.  Premarital agreements are usually not expensive or difficult with the guidance of an experienced family law attorney because the creation of a premarital agreement usually involves careful thought but not conflict resolution.  That is why it is so important to have an experienced lawyer at your side.

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