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Police car at night

What is Considered Petty Larceny in Virginia?

When you steal something in Virginia it is punishable under the law. Larceny (theft), is the unlawful taking of property from one party by another with the intention of permanently …

  • Posted on: Aug 18 2022
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Person with cast after crush injury

Suffering Severe Burns from Car Crashes

Injuries are always a possibility when it comes to car accidents. But when a car crash results in a fire, potential injuries can be not only catastrophic but sometimes deadly. …

  • Posted on: Jun 29 2022
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Woman sitting with family law attorney

5 Benefits to Creating a Special Needs Trust

When a loved one has special needs, it can be extremely important to be able to provide income for them without adversely impacting their benefits. This is where a special …

  • Posted on: May 20 2022
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Business clients sitting with attorney

Common Contract Breach Defenses

Contracts can be extremely helpful for ensuring that both parties receive what they agree upon. Unfortunately, sometimes contracts are breached and one or both parties fail to uphold their promises. …

  • Posted on: Apr 14 2022
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