Helping Your Children Cope with Your Divorce

Mom comforting her daughter about her divorce.

There are many challenges that come with divorce. From who keeps the house, to who receives alimony, the financial impact is quite significant. However, one of the biggest concerns for couples going through a divorce is how it will impact their children. Will they be able to cope with their new normal? How will this major change uproot their lives?

The AAP News & Journals Gateway reports that more than 800,000 divorces occur annually in the U.S. and almost one million American children experience parental divorce each year. 

From anger to sadness, to relief, while going through a divorce, you may experience a wide array of emotions. Your children will do the same. Children whose parents are divorcing may experience depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, and confusion among other emotions. With that in mind, divorce can have a lifelong impact on your kids so it is important that they understand that you still love them – no matter how family dynamics change. 

Equally important is that you make sure that they understand that the divorce is in no way their fault; they have done nothing to cause it and could do nothing to change the decision. They are in no way responsible.

How You Can Help Your Kids

It may be a good idea to seek professional help to ensure that your children go through this transition as smoothly as possible. One such tool is to seek out a therapist who specializes in divorce for children. Your kids should feel safe sharing their emotions so that they may process them in a healthy manner. It is important for parents – especially when one parent is not living with the children – to express reassurance and shower them with an abundance of love. 

This includes parents allowing and even encouraging their children to speak with the other parent and to help promote a healthy and positive relationship with them. Do not forbid your children from speaking to the other parent while they are in your physical custody. Allowing them contact with both parents at all times is necessary for them to feel comfortable and transition to their new family structure.  

Parents often subject their children to negative talk or name-calling of the other parent. Children are children and should not have to deal with adult issues. Do not force your children to choose sides. They will likely resent you for it down the road. 

Surovell Isaacs & Levy PLC Can Help 

If you or a loved one is struggling with divorce, it can have a great emotional impact on you and your family. It is difficult to make sound decisions during such an emotionally turbulent time. That is why it is important to find a divorce attorney with the knowledge and experience to make a tough situation a bit easier. At Surovell Isaacs & Levy PLC, we fight for what is in the best interest of you and your children. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact us today!

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