3 Common Road Hazards that Can Make Driving in Fall Riskier than You Realize

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We all know that wintertime in the Northeast can greatly increase the risk of accidents on the road. Snow, freezing rain, and ice make driving conditions more dangerous. However, what you may not know is that fall in Virginia also carries its own set of risks, often leading to serious accidents. Here are 3 common road hazards that can make driving in fall riskier than you realize. 

1. It gets colder outside.

From summertime to the fall season, the temperature drops rather significantly. Such a great change in temperature – to a colder temperature – can have an unfortunate impact on your car’s battery. When your battery is not working properly, it can cause issues with controlling your car’s speed and vehicle systems. Both of these things can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash into something – or someone. Always be sure to check on your battery and keep it fully charged. 

2. It rains more frequently. 

The Northeast sees a lot more rain during the fall months. While not yet freezing rain, the rain can still cause hazardous conditions. Rain causes the roads to become slippery and can make it harder for tires to find traction. If you fail to maintain your tires, have them rotated regularly, and update them when their tread is worn, you are at a much higher risk of sliding and much more likely to find yourself involved in an accident. 

3. There is more tree debris to look out for. 

There is no denying that fall is a beautiful time of year. But with leaves falling to the ground, and rain increasing, surfaces often become covered in tree debris and create slicker roadways that only decrease the traction between your tires and the roads. And while they may seem harmless, pine needles and twigs can actually cause flat tires, which can result in accidents. 

As more people are on the road now that school is back in session and work is back in full swing, there is even more opportunity for vehicle accidents. This along with the colder and rainier temperature and the increased tree debris all contribute to a riskier environment that requires an abundance of caution and attention. 

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