3 Common Causes of Warmer Weather Car Accidents

Cars driving down the road

When the warmer months roll around, construction increases and more drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians find themselves sharing the roads. While snow and ice carry increased risk, so too can higher temperatures. The winter isn’t the only dangerous time to be behind the wheel of a car. Here are 3 common causes of warmer weather car accidents

1. Heat-related Illnesses

One of the biggest risks for anyone who is out and about in higher temperatures is heat-related illness. The heat, which disproportionately impacts the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions, can cause conditions such as dehydration, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion. Each of these can lead to serious symptoms like confusion, dizziness, nausea, and loss of consciousness. These symptoms can be scary in and of themselves, but when they happen to someone operating a motor vehicle, they can be life-threatening to not only the driver but to everyone else on the road as well. A driver who is experiencing heat-related illness can easily lose control of their vehicle and cause a car accident. 

2. Temporary “Blindness” from the Sun

Sure, we know that rain and snow can decrease visibility, but so too can warmer weather. How? Well, when the days get longer, the intensity of the sun increases. The sun’s rays, which are stronger in the Spring and Summer months, can bounce off of surfaces, such as windows, and leave those in their path unable to clearly see in front of them. When someone is driving and the sun’s glare gets in the way, it’s very possible that they will be unable to see and can therefore cause a car accident. 

3. Total or Partial Vehicle Failure

And finally, the last common cause of warmer weather car accidents is vehicle failure. When temperatures reach higher numbers, it can negatively impact various parts of the vehicle. For instance, when it’s hotter it causes the air inside of a car’s tires to rapidly expand, which can cause a tire blowout. If any part of the vehicle fails when someone is driving at a high level of speed, it can have catastrophic results.  

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