Determining Liability in an Airplane Crash

We tend not to hear too much about airplane crashes, luckily, because they aren’t very common. However, when one does occur it generally makes the top news, as aviation crashes usually result in more fatalities than other types of transportation. 

Airplane crashes are generally caused by:

  • Pilot error;
  • Plane design or structural defects;
  • Faulty equipment;
  • Negligence of federal air traffic controllers or flight service station employees; and
  • FAA regulation violations.

A Tale of Survivors

So while a relatively safe mode of travel, when these crashes do occur sometimes there are survivors. You can probably recall back in 2008 when Travis Barker, a musician and drummer for the band Blink 182 survived a plane crash that left his body with substantial burns while four others perished. Or maybe you remember the amazing story (turned movie) of Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, who successfully – and miraculously – landed his aircraft in the Hudson River. All of this to say, sometimes people do survive airplane crashes. But when they do who is responsible for their inevitable injuries?

There are two federal agencies that oversee aviation regulations and safety within the United States. These are the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

The NTSB is in charge of investigating accidents that occur and for providing recommendations for how things can be done differently in an effort to prevent the same or similar accidents from recurring. The FAA is responsible for establishing the standards of safety regarding the manufacturing and operations of airplanes. It is also in charge of penalizing those who fail to meet these regulations. 

What can you do if you’ve been injured in an airplane crash?

Those who have survived but been injured in an airplane crash can choose to file a personal injury claim. When it comes to liability, those held accountable will be whoever was responsible for the accident whether it’s the manufacturer of the plane or a part of the plane, those responsible for maintenance, the owner of the plane, or its pilot. Sometimes even the federal government can be held liable. 

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